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Bharani Shraddha | Maha Bharani 2022 Date & Significance

Bharani Shraddha is one of the most auspicious days of Pitru Paksha. Shraddha ritual is performed during the Pitru Paksha during the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month as per the Hindu calendar. Bharani Shraddha falls on Pitru Paksha when Bharani Nakshatra prevails during Aparahna Kala. Basically, this nakshatra prevails on Chaturthi Tithi or Panchami Tithi during Mahalaya Paksha. It is also known as Maha Bharani.

Date & Tithi

Bharani Shraddha 2022 Date: Wednesday,14 September
This Year, it falls on Chaturthi Shraddha – Aswin Krishna Paksha Chaturthi

When Bharani Nakshatra prevails on Chaturthi Tithi, Bharani Shraddha is called Chauth Bharani. Similarly, it is called Bharani Panchami when Bharani Nakshatra prevails during Aparahna on Panchami tithi.

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Why is Bharani Shraddha performed?

Many people are unable to make any pilgrimage in their life. On the death of such people, they get the fruits of Shraddha performed on pilgrimages like Matru Gaya, Pitru Gaya, Pushkar Tirth, and Badrikedar, etc., for this, Bharani Shraddha is performed.

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Bharani Shraddha is performed on the day of Bharani Nakshatra of Pitru Paksha. This is done for a specific purpose. It is not performed in the first year after the death of a person. It is always preferable to perform Bharani Shraddha every year. Instead of doing it in the first Mahalaya, do it from the second year.

Bharani Shraddha

In Nitya tarpan, the deceased person should utter his name only after getting the right of paternity. Don't do it the first year. However, according to the opinion of some priests, Bharani Shraddha can also be done like all methods like Sapindikaran and Shodasamsik Shraddha.

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Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by the god of death – Yama. That’s why performing shraddha rituals on a Chaturthi or Panchami tithi during Maha Bharani Shraddha holds special significance. After the Mahalaya Amavasya, Bharani Nakshatra is the most observed day during the Pitru Paksha period. It is believed that Bharani Shraddha is fruitful as shraddha rituals are performed at Gaya.

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