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Buddhist Festivals

In Buddhism, there are many festivals commemorated by Buddhists throughout the year. These notable festivities celebrate various events in the lives of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and famous teachers. Umpteen fairs, procession, and carcades are organized in the name of Buddha annually.  During these occasions, people engage themselves in numerous meditation operations and Yoga Programs. They take refuge and follow the precepts/principles taught by Buddha. Ardent Practitioners also sometimes leave their home life to become saints/monks and nuns.

Buddha Poornima

Buddha Poornima is observed on the full moon night according to Buddhism Calendar in the Hindu Month of Vaisakh. It celebrates the Birth Day of "Gautama Buddha" every year who was the founder of the Buddhism Community. Buddha Purnima is popularly known as- Vesak as it falls in the Vaisakha (Baisakh) Month. In the year 2021, It will be remarked on 26th May (Wednesday). On this eminent day, Buddhists take part in the ceremonial bathing of the Buddha and pour rose water on an idol of baby Siddhartha. This indicates the purification of deeds and actions. They visit the nearby Buddha Temples to pay homage to Buddha. 

Buddha Day

The most notable and distinguished Festival remarked by the Buddhist community is- BUDDHA DAY. This illustrious event celebrates the Birth-Anniversary of Buddha who is the founder of the Buddhism Community. He shows the path of Enlightenment, Righteousness and Nirvana to his followers and Practitioners. It basically falls on the full-moon day in the month of May/April. They commemorate this auspicious festivity by pouring holy water intense with roses over a Buddha idol. This symbolizes purifying one's thoughts and actions. People throng together in the historic and divine places which are decorated with flowers and banners on this very important day. Vegetarian meals are provided for all; and captive animals, such as birds and turtles are set free. This festival brings joy and happiness around.

Dharma Day

'Dharma Day' is famous as- Asalha Puja among Buddhist People. It is celebrated during full-moon in July. This holiday remarks as the first disclosure of Buddha to the five monks in the Deer Park at Benares city. It is celebrated among the Indians and large carcades are organized to bestow reverence to Lord- Buddha.

Sangha Day

Sangha Day is well-known with the name- Kathina Day among the Buddhist community. It is usually held in the month of October. According to a ritual, some saints participate in various retreat programs during the rainy season. Fairs and processions are carried out along with Buddha Portrait upon a chariot and the devotees sing songs and hymns on the name of Siddhartha. 


Ullambana is one of the renowned Buddhism’s Festivities whose observance is based on the story of his disciple- ‘Maudgalyayana’. It is basically observed in September month.

The story is: 

When Maudgalyayana's mother died, he wanted to know where she was reborn. Using his spiritual powers, he traveled into the hells and found her suffering miserably from hunger. He brought her a bowl of food, but when she tried to swallow it, the food turned into hot coals.

The distressed Maudgalyayana asked the Buddha, "Why is my mother suffering in the hells?"

The Buddha replied, "In her life as a human, she was stingy and greedy. This is her retribution." He advised, "Make offerings to the Sangha. The merit and virtue from this act will release your mother and others from the hells." As a result of Maudgalyana's offering, his mother and thousands of others were released from their unhappy state. After this, making offerings to release relatives and others from the hells became popular in Mahayana countries.


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    1. क्या बौद्ध धर्म पुनर्जन्म में विश्वास रखता है ? 2. क्या बौद्ध धर्म मे कोई भी जाति नही है ?

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