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Budh Pradosh Vrat 2022 Dates, Vrat Katha and Vidhi

Budh Pradosh Vrat
Pradosh vrat is observed during the pradosh period on Trayodashi tithi. If Pradosh vrat falls on Wednesday, then it is called Budh Pradosh Vrat.
Also calledSaumya vara Pradosham
DeityLord Shiva
Dates24 August 2022
21 December 2022
ObservancesPuja, Fasting, Night-awakening, donations, and prayers
BenefitsBrings happiness and fulfill all kinds of desires

If Pradosh Vrat falls on Wednesday then it is called Budh Pradosh Vrat. It is also known as saumya vara pradosham. By keeping Pradosh vrat on Wednesday brings happiness and fulfills all kinds of desires. The story of this Budh Pradosh Vrat is as follows.

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Budh Pradosh Vrat Katha

Budh Pradosh Vrat

There is a story of ancient times, a man was newly married. He reached the in-laws to bring the wife for the second time and he told the mother-in-law that he would take the wife to her city on Wednesday. The man's father-in-law, the father-in-law, explained to him that it is not auspicious to take his wife off on Wednesday, but he didn't hear. Being forced, the mother-in-law had to leave her daughter with a heavy heart.

The husband and wife were going in a bullock cart. The wife got thirsty as soon as she came out of the city. The husband took a pot and went to get water for his wife. When he returned with the water, he saw that his wife is talking to a foreigner by drinking water from a jug, laughing and talking. That man was exactly like the appearance of this man. Seeing this, the man started fighting with that man in a fit of rage. Gradually a large crowd gathered there.

In the meantime, a soldier came. He asked the woman to tell the truth, who is her husband? But the woman kept quiet because both men were similar. Seeing the wife in the midst of this way, that man in his heart started praying to Lord Shiva that, O God, save me and my wife from this trouble, forgive me for the crime I have committed by leaving my wife on Wednesday. Do it I will not make such a mistake in the future.

Lord Shiva was moved by the prayer of that man and at that moment the other man disappeared. The man reached his city safely with his wife. After this, both the husband and wife started doing Pradosh vrat on Wednesday.

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Benefits: By keeping Pradosh vrat on Wednesday brings happiness and fulfills all kinds of desires.

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