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Significance of Chandra Darshan

Hindu religions utter that Chandra Deva (Lord Moon) is among the most important Navagras of Hinduism. Not only this, the moon God is also the causative agent of emotion and divine grace. According to Hindu texts Lord Moon has been given a special place among all the esteemed gods and goddesses. He is also known as the God of Water Elements- ‘Jal Tatva Deva’. In Hindu mythology, Chandra Dev or Moon God is also known as the provider of nutrition and food to the animals and plants on the earth. And, according to Purana, Moon got married to 27 constellations, who all are the daughters of King Prajapati Daksh. Daksh was also famed as the father of Mercury planet.

The specialty and Significance of Chandra Darshan:

• It is said that who so ever prays with a pure heart gets blessing of Chandra God as the Lord listens to devotee’s prayers.

• Venerating moon on this sacred festival with religious sacrament provides good fortune and prosperity in life.

• Mythology says: the one who venerates deities with proper rituals and ceremonies on this favourable day including Lord Moon gains mental peace and mind relaxation.

• It is believed that on this day, the devotees who keep fasts for the whole day receive spiritual sensitivity and tranquillity. The mind and soul gets immense happiness and peace.

• Chandra (Moon) is also a notable and prominent planet of 'Navagraha' in Hindu culture which keeps the living soul on earth alive from its power (force).

• The moon God is also considered to be a friendly planet and keeps the person connected with knowledge, purity and good intentions throughout.

It is believed that the one who has auspicious effect of moon leads a more successful and prosperous life. Apart from this, the Moon is also more effective in Hindu religion texts and Puranas, because it (moon) follows the path of auspicious time (shubh-Muhurat) with accordance to Lunar Hindu calendar. Devotees also take a divine glance of Lord Moon and conduct rituals to revere Moon God with proper Shubh- Muhurat (For shubh muhurat click here).

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