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Chhoti Diwali / Narak Chaturdashi / Roop Chaudas / Kali Chaudas

Choti Diwali, i.e. the third day of Diwali which will fall on Saturday, 14 November 2020, is observed as Tamil Deepavali, Narak Chaturdashi or Roop Chaturdashi (Roop Chaudash.) It is also well-known as Chhoti Diwali as it falls just a day before the festival Diwali. It is said to be the day that removes the evil inside and thus worshippers visit crematorium at midnight for offering Puja to the Goddess of darkness and to Veer Vetal. The rituals are region-specific and followed by people according to the mythological happenings they believe. In some places such as Gujarat and other nearby states, this day is celebrated as Kali Chaudas or Bhut Chaturdashi. Kali means Black i.e. dark and Chaudas means fourteenth. It is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the dark half of the Kartik month during Chaturdashi Tithi at the time of Diwali festival.

Rituals for Narak Chaturdashi

• Waking up early and taking a bath in the morning before sunrise (Abhyangsnan) is considered favorable. Abhyangsnan is also suggested which means taking a holy bath in a sacred river early morning. It is a belief that this washes away all the sin and evil vibes. It is also said that Abhyangsnan helps in boosting blood circulation and makes the skin smooth and flawless. 

• It is also said that massaging your body on this eminent day with aromatic oil and obtain-a paste of besan, milk, Kesar, oil, Chandan, Haldi is highly useful and effective. After Massaging gently with the ubtan over your body, rinse it with cold water.

• Wearing new outfits after the bath is also beneficial.

• One should not forget to worship Lord Krishna on this divine day and offer Flowers to him by chanting the following Mantra:

VasudevSutDevam, NarakasurMardanamah |

DevkiParmanandam Krishnam VandeJagatgurum||

• Lighting diyas and earthen lamps in the evening are also mandatory along with the Yam Deep. Before lighting up the diyas in the evening, the puja of the diyas is being done with kumkum, chawal (rice) &Gud (Jaggery). 

• Venerating Lord Hanuman on this Choti Diwali is also popular in some corners of India. Hence, followers of Lord Hanuman also worship Him with proper rituals; therefore this day is also famous as Hanuman Puja.

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