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Dance form and dress of Baisakhi

Punjabi dance form is the most popular among all Indian dance forms. “Bhangra” is the dance which not only represents the Indian culture prominently but also is quite enjoyable. Similarly, Gidda is another Punjabi dance form which is observed by the Punjabi’s during Baisakhi. To celebrate the harvest festival of Baisakhi men and women dress themselves in traditional attire and get together in open fields and dance to the fast paced beat of the dhol.

Many Cultural activities are help in the Baisakhi festival which are the main attraction. People form dance groups, one of them plays the traditional instrument dhol while many other start dancing to the melodious beats. The scene of Baisakhi celebrations looks quite colourful. Other people from the village keep joining the circle. Dancers take turns to recite a boli of the song by coming into the centre of the circle. Most often dancers depict the scenes of sowing, harvesting, winnowing and gathering of crops through zestful movements of the body to the accompaniment of ballads.

Given here is a short description of popular Bhangra and Giddha, the popular folk dance of Punjab:

Bhangra is the most popular folk dance of Punjab and in recent times, it has gained tremendous popularity. Bhangra is a common step danced by every Indian as well as foreigners in all the occasions. You can proudly say that Bhangra is a dance known worldwide. Bhangra was originally started when crops ripened and were ready to be harvested. It is basically a dance which accompanies in every happy occasion. Bhangra dance is performed in several popular styles including Sialkoti, Sheikhupuri, Tribal, Malwa, Majha and Jhummer. The major music is the royal beat of the dhol and the clapping by the participating crowd. The major verses sung during the dance of Bhangra are "Hoy, Hoy", "Balle, Balle" or “Shawa - Shawa” by the dancers. Use of props like sticks, chimtas and acrobatics add thrill to bhangra performances.

Giddha is a folk dance of Punjab which is more focused on women. It exhibits teasing, fun and exuberance of Punjabi life. This is dance carried in groups in a  circle where the beauties show their feminine grace and elasticity. Jingle of the bells, thumping of the feet, beat of the drum and the resplendence of Punjabi women in salwar kameej creates an enchanting atmosphere for it. The music in this is again is of a typical folk nature.

Both the dances are a proper show of energy and vigour. It is as royal as the Punjabi’s are.

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