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Importance of Darsh Amavasya

Darsha Amavasya: Learn how to remove the Amavasya Pitru defect

According to Indian monolithic astrology, on the last tithi of every month’s Krishna Paksha, the date of Amavasya falls and hence new moon day emerges. As according to Hindu mythology, Amavasya is termed as- The New Moon Day. It is also said that the spirits are supposed to be more effective on this day. Therefore, it is advised that one should keep a distance from evil actions and negative thoughts on Chaturdashi and New Moon (Amavasya) days to attain happiness and peace within. It is also considered auspicious to perform pitru Daan, pitru visarjan or the donation on the name of paternal ancestors for their soul’s mental satisfaction.


The importance of Darsha Amavasya:

• Among all Amavasya (new moon), Darsha Amavasya is referred to as the most significant and important in Hindu culture in accordance with the Lunar-Solar calendar.

• Special attention is required to focus on religious activities such as chanting mantras, worshipping deities, revering gods and goddesses and performing rituals, etc on this noteworthy Amavasya.

• One cannot see the moon in the sky, however; special worship is done to revere Moon God during this day.

• Worshiping the ancestors (pitru) is also meant auspicious and illustrious.

• Many Tantric poojas are also performed in the night during Amavasya.

• Chandra Deva (Moon God) is also considered to be the nutrition of the life of birds and animals; therefore, the worship performed on Darsha Amavasya protects these living species’ souls and makes their path of life easy.

• Worship mother Kali to gain wealth and success in politics and to get rid of diseases, read Hanuman bhahuk path.

• All Amavasya days are appropriate to perform Kalasarpa Dosha puja and Shradh sacraments (ceremonies). If there is a father fault in your horoscope, then this is a good opportunity to perform Tripindi Shradh.

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