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Dhanu Sankranti Festival

According to the Indian calendar and mythological narrations, when the sun enters in the Sagittarius, then this time is not considered auspicious. In 220, it will be on Tuesday, December 15. It is said that as long as the sun is not transmitted/entered in Capricorn, then people are not advised to undergo any kind of favorable or propitious venture.  They are even restricted to take an initiative of any new undertaking or enterprise. According to the ephemeris, this time is of the month of Paurash, which is called karmas. It is considered highly divine to take a holy bath on the banks of the River Ganga and Yamuna. People from different parts of the country go to have a sacred bathe on this daty. It is also believed to be very significant in this month's Sankranti. On the day of Paush Sankranti, devotees go on the banks of the rivers and offer prayers to the sun, God, during sunset. It is believed that by doing this, minds get purified and souls get cleaned. Sun worship is also done for acquiring wisdom and sagacious within. Sun enters a particular amount, for this reason, it is known as ‘Sankranti’. On this day, God is offered sweet dishes as bhoga and distributed to one and all as prasad.

The Satyanarayan story is recited on the day of Dhanu Sankranti. Lord Vishnu is also revered at this festival. Thus, devotees collect banana leaves, fruits, betel nut, panchamrat, basil leaves, dry-fruits, and flowers, etc. for puja preparation. Following the story of Satyanarayan, the aarti of Goddess Lakshmi, Mahadeva and Brahma ji is also performed and the charanamrat is also offered. This day is considered sacred as all those who worship with the propitious customs gain intelligence, acuity and their all desires are fulfilled.

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