Dhungri Mela: A ‘Manali’ Traditional Fair To Impress Goddess- Hadimba.

The Venerable Dhungri Mela at Manali Pinnacle:

Dhungri Mela at Manali is absolutely an astounding Festival which is commemorated at the Hadimba Temple in the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh. Dedicated to Goddess Hidimba (Hadimba), it is one of the distinguished Fests, observed in the Temple-Hadimba. This eminent Gala is solemnized to remark the birth-anniversary of Goddess Hadimba every year.

Dhungri Mela in Manali is a Traditional Fair to impress Goddess-Hadimba and is observed in the month of May for three days. Devotees will memorialize the occasion from 14-16th May, this year at Hadimba Temple.

Being the most prestigious Mela, it has now become the most important Festival in Manali and is well-known amongst the Manali peeps.

Where is Hadimba Temple nestled?

Positioned in a murky forest which is popular as- Dhungri Van Vihar in Manali- a hill station in the State of Himāchal Pradesh in North-India. People say it is an ancient and old cave temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, who was the wife of Bhima, a famous figure in the Indian epic Mahābhārata. The temple is surrounded by a dense forest at the foot of the Himālayas. The sanctuary is over a haven hillock in the ground which was worshiped as an image of the deity. It is considered as the oldest Hindu Temple in India and established by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1553. Maharaja was an ancient ruler from Rajasthan and was famed as one of the prominent Monarchs of his time.

Divine Dhungri Mela got its name after the name of the temple. Manali local residents are acclaiming this festival since 1553 to venerate Goddess Hadimba. Hidimba Devi Temple is also famous with the name Hadimba Temple. Goddess Hadimba was Bhima’s consort who stayed in the hillocks of Dhungri area for years.

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