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How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi?

Holi is a festival full of fun and unique activities. Children wait the year long for this day to come so that they can enjoy playing the colors. Keeping the charm and fun of the festival of colors intact, let’s try to go eco friendly this year.

Eco Friendly Holi.png

The very adverse negative effects of Holi which we unknowingly do is:

- We use colors which have very toxic chemical and are unfriendly for the environment.
- Wastage of wood to burn fire on the night of Holi.
- A lot of usage of water during Holi.
- How to contribute to an eco-friendly Holi.
- Use dry and natural colors that are not only beneficial for the skin but also contribute to saving water. These colors can be easily removable, hence require less water to be washed off. 

There are many natural colors nowadays available in the market during Holi. If they seem costly to you, then we have certain wonderful Holi DIY’s to create natural Holi colors at home.

Let’s pledge to contribute positively to the mother earth this Holi. Instead of playing only with colors let’s promote our Holi cultural rituals. We can get involved in the ancient activities our ancestors had established. This will not only make us save mankind but also take us closer to God.

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