Ernakulathappan Uthsavom

ErnakulathappanUthsavom is one of the most visited festivals in Kerala state. Mainly celebrated in the city- Kochi (Cochin) with immense fun and devotion among local people. The festival goes for 8 holy days and is venerated at Lord Shiva Temple, named- Ernakulam. Being one of the foremost HINDU temples in Kochi, this famous temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is also famed as- Ernakulathappan Temple. Exalted in the month of Makaram (January or February), this year- 2020, it would be solemnized on the dates- January 30 to February 06.

The specialty about the temple is a long parade in a magnificent manner of 15 to 20 decorated elephants with unmatched celebrations, music, and fireworks all around. The streets of Kochi revere Lord Shiva for 8 consecutive days and organize processions with Shiva idols on embellished chariots and elephants.

The pious commemoration takes place in the vicinity of the Shiva temple. The first ritual which occurs early morning is flag hosting on the top of the temple, termed as- Kodiyettam, and followed by the second custom- deity ornamentation. A throng of devotees gather inside the mandapam area and begin with the Shiva decorations. The last ritual holds the significant carcade, with caparisoned elephants, better known to be- Pakalpooram. The whole set of rituals is accompanied by various sacraments including- Shiva idol immersion, firecrackers and other solemn ceremonies. Basically, Ernakulathappan Uthsavom is 8 days festivity and happens with much gusto and dedication across Kerala. The followers of Shiva also organize numerous other cultural programs to entertain people in the temple complex. 

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