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Etymology of Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja Etymology

After Sixth day of Diwali, Biharis from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other part of India and outside India including Nepal are excited and busy with their four-day Bihari Festival – Chhath Puja!

Chhath Puja is merely not an Festival, but more than Festival, they leave everything they have and head towards to going back to home with Heavy rush in Train and Buses for the Festival dedicated to Sun God for a period of Four days. Marwari in some part also becoming the part of this Festival and worship the Sun God. The state of Bihar shine and people from all parts whether in India or aboard make it a point to go home for Chhath Puja
Scientific History tells how Sage are alive with gaining the energy form Sun, without food or gains using the Chhath Method. After returing of Rama and Sita from exile of 14 years they Fasted and offered puja to lord Sun and this become a significant and Traditional festival in Hindu religion.

The four day Festival comes as:

The First Day Nahay-Khay or Nahia Khai: All the devotees/worshipers take dip in river ghats/Ganga ghats for freshener themselves early morning and carry some water with them. This water is used for the preparation of the Prasad or the holy offering to the lord Sun in home. The lunch are prepared consisting of rice, dal mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin made of pure ghee. Also, the home and its surrounding are cleaned and eat only one meal in a day. 
2nd Day of Chhath Puja (Lohanda): Women of the house observe fast for whole day and it end only after sunset. This is beginning of 36 Hours tough fast without a ship of water. It is also known as Kharna or Khree-roti. People eat this Khree-roti as dinner after offering it to the rising moon and Goddess Ganga. This is only time when they eat or drink from the starting of day till last day of Chhath. 
On the day of Chhath (The third day): It is the main Festival day, exactly 6th Day from the Diwali. On this day, holy Prasad is prepare and everyone flocks to river ghats to take dip to worship Chhaiti Maiyya and offering of ‘argha’ and Surya Namaskar to the setting sun followed by next day. The devotees ae to maintain ‘Nirjal Vrat’. 
The fouth and last day of Chhath. The fast come to end after offering argha and Surya Namaskar to the rising sun. Everybody comes together to have Prasad and family bonds and feels rooted more than ever.


  • 21/11/2020


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