The Unrevealed Fact About Hidamba Temple

Bhima was one of the powerful Pandava brothers from the majestic Hindu fable- Mahabharata. Being the wife of Bhima, she was one of the vigorous deities in Hindu Mythology. She is reverenced and hence worshipped in ‘Shakti Avatara’ (manifestation) among the ardent admirers of Manali. Devi temple is surrounded around a cave where Hidimba performed meditation for a long time.

The story associated with this temple is:

Devi Hidimba lived there with her brother Hidimb, and their parents are not much popular. The siblings were born into a Rakshas family, Hidimba took a vow to marry one, who would defeat her brother Hidimb and supposed to be very brave and fearless. The Epic Mahabharata states that the Pandavas stayed in Himachal during their exile. And during their exile, when they visited Manali; Bhima, one of the five Pandavas, killed Hidimb, who was the brother of Hidimba. Thereafter, Hidimba married Bhima and gave birth to their son ‘Ghatotkacha’. They had a son whom they named Ghatotkacha. However, when Bhima and his brothers returned from exile, Hidimba did not accompany them and decided to stay back to perform a tough penance to attain the status of a goddess in the end.

The 6 Untold Reasons Behind The Festival Celebration:

This acclaimed 3-days annual fair involves a lot of cultural activities and events that make it a wonderful event

·    Dhungri Mela is a popular festival not only in Manali but the worshippers from various nearby villages come together to celebrate Goddess- Hidimba birthday.

·  Kullu Nati folk dance is a traditional dance form of Manali Tribes which goes on for so long among the dancers flock with immense gusto. The artists perform their signature steps by hitching their arms and swinging to the rhythmic orchestral beats of the drums. They put their traditional attires including- whirling tunic dresses and adorned hats.

·   This antiquated and prodigious holy sanctum is a four-tiered pagoda with a facade of wood sculptures and effigies.

·       The temple is now renowned as one of the illustrious Hindu Pilgrimages to revere the Goddess with much devotion.

·   The locals and legendaries say that animal sacrifices are still made here in her honor n Hadimba Devi temple during these festivities.

·     Hadimba Temple is a much respected shrine for the local devotees, where the Goddess is being taken care in times of natural hardship or calamity and on special ceremonies. However, in accordance of Hira Nand Shastri this temple is an antique of about 500 years old. As such no idol is cherished and only a foot print on a stone has been kept in the complex.


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