Some Fascinating Facts About Shiva-Squad:

The fanatic die for Music: The festival has a unique magnificence in the atmosphere and the Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of Festival.  The fact is that the fiesta begins with the loud, booming and thunderous music in the surroundings. This esteems a celebration of nature, life and consciousness unbrokenly for three-days at boutique resort. International artists, and 50 national artists; who will be playing everything from psy-trance, electronica, rock, R&B, jazz, folk, and more.

A Perfect Place for Day-Dreamers: The die-hard Lovers of Shiva feel a state of semi-consciousness with the hues of the festivity. The Himalayan range of hills on Manali is a perfect blend of hill-station for summer-vacation and vicinity for meditating hard and concentrating for inner-satisfaction in the middle of hillocks.

A Glance of Picturesque and scenic Splendour: Toasted in beauteous boutique resort which is spread over 20 acres close to Raison Kullu-Manali Highway, in the middle of Himalayas at Himachal Pradesh state. The location of Shiva-Squad Festival is at the serene whereabouts. The quaint charm of the Place is an absolute serene locale for peace-lovers. You can even sit so long in some specific orientation for tranquillity. International and national artists and singers are a part of this rock-band music squad festivity, who play everything with instruments such as- electronica, rock, R&B, jazz, folk, and many more inside the Gala. The event is divided into sections and all the carnivals including music show, dance show and other amusing performances of famous celebrities are mind-boggling and worth-watching.

Do not miss this precious chance to visit Manali on this hued-colored event for three days. So book your tickets now and bump towards these smashing hillocks and Himalayan ranges for relaxation and merriment.

Your visit to this famous archetypal festival showcases your love and devotion towards Lord Shiva. We suggest you to take a three-day trip with your friends in this hot summer.

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