Importance of First Lohri of a Baby and a Bride

LOHRI is considered to be one of the most important festivals among the Punjabi's. They make sure that even the new members of their family never forget their first Lohri. When a baby is born or a new bride becomes the part of the family, they are pampered on their first Lohri a lot.

Lohri Celebration of a New Bride

A new bride is made to never forget her first Lohri in her new family. She needs to wear new and vibrantly coloured dress, dress up in her best for the occasion wearing lots of bangles and decorate her palms with Mehndi. You can say that she needs to get ready as a bride again. The husband also wears new dress and wears an elaborate turban. The new bride is gifted with new clothes and jewellery for the occasion by her in-laws and other friends and relatives. She is made to savour special delicacies and also know the family traditions.

Lohri Celebration of a Newborn

Lohri is also very important for a newly born baby. The mother is dressed up in new and gorgeous clothes and heavy jewellery, and Mehndi is applied on her hands in an elaborate pattern. She is asked to sit with the new born baby in her arms and family, relatives and friends gift her with fruits, sweets, clothes, jewellery and money.

These days Lohri has gained immense popularity and people not only in Punjab, but the whole of India, even in south India get together to celebrate the festival. Traditionally in Maharashtra it is known as Makar Sankranti and in Tamil Nadu it is celebrated as Pongal. But the way in which this festival is celebrated in different parts of India is different.

Lohri is now mostly about lighting the bonfire in the biting cold and dancing and making merry around it. Since Lohri is marked as a festival that celebrates New Year, harvest and fertility, these days we find people celebrating the occasion by planting trees and saplings. This is a great activity as they try to consciously compensate for the trees that are being cut all over.

Know More About LOHRI - The Melodious Harvest Festival 

Lohri Mythology and rituals

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