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Goga Navami 2021: Date, Rituals, Story & Significance

Lord Goga is the snake god. Therefore Goga Navami is celebrated to worship the snake god Lord Goga. It is observed on the 9th day of Krishna paksha or the Navami Tithi according to the Hindu calendar month of Bhadra pad. According to the Gregorian Calendar, the festival falls somewhere between August or September. 

Goga Navami

Goga Navami Date

Among all the fairs, the Goga Navami Mela in the district of Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh is the largest and most popular. In the year 2021, Goga Navami falls on Tuesday, 31 August.

Navami Tithi Begins: August 31, 2:00 AM
Navami Tithi Ends: September 01, 4:23 AM

Rituals of Goga Navami

On this day the idol of Goga Ji is worshipped by the devotees. Goga Ji rides a blue horse and holds Yellow and Blue flags. However, the rituals of worshipping Lord Goga are different in some regions like the devotees worship the Lord starting from Shravana Purnima which is also the day of Raksha Bandhan and this worshipping or celebration continues for 9 days until Navami. This is the reason why it is also known as Goga Navami.

Gogaji Katha is also recited by the devotees on this day. Once the Puja ceremonies are completed by the devotees. Chapati and rice are distributed among the devotees as Prasad or sacred food.

People organize puja and processions on this day in Goga Mari temples. Raksha Bandhan or rakhi is the day when women or girls tie rakhi to their brothers to seek protection. In the same way, devotees also tie Rakhi to Lord Goga as an assurance of protection from any future harm or injury.

In the rural regions of Northern and North-Western India during the time of Goga Navami fairs are held at various places where people gather. Among all the fairs and meals, the Goga Navami Mela is held in the district of Hamirpur which is in Himachal Pradesh is the largest and most popular Mela.

Goga Navami Story

Gogaji is also known as Jahar Veer Goga in Hindu traditions and he is a popular folk deity among the people of the northern states of India. It is believed that Gogaji appeared on the Bhadrapada paksha Navami, therefore, this day is dedicated to him. With immense fanfare, Gogaji Navami is celebrated by the devotees in these regions of India. Especially in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab Navami have great importance among the masses and this festival lasts for 3 days.

Goga Navami Significance

Celebrated in honor of Gogaji, Goga Ji Navami is one of the most significant Hindu festivals. A powerful Rajput prince who is believed to have possessed supernatural powers to control venomous snakes was Goga. As part of the rituals, different versions of this story are narrated by the devotees. In some stories the birth of this divine Prince is described, his married life, early life, wars he was involved in, and his incredible art of healing snake bites and also his disappearance from the Earth are narrated.

Hindu devotees believe that on this day if Goga Ji is worshipped they will be protected from Snakes and all other evils. Another popular belief is that Gogaji protects children from all harm. Women worship this day to seek protection for their children from every kind of harm. 

Goga Navami is celebrated with great exuberance by the devotees of north and North Western India. This festival brings together people for the celebration of a Rajput prince.

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