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Hal Sashti 2021: Date, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Katha & Significance

Hal Sashti is a Hindu festival celebrated the birth anniversary of Lord Balarama. Hence it is also celebrated as Balarama Jayanti. Lord Balarama was the elder brother of Shri Krishna & the seventh child of Mata Devaki and Vasudeva Ji. In the state of Gujarat, it is celebrated as Randhan Chatt and in the state of Rajasthan, this day is celebrated as Chandra Shashti. It is celebrated as Baladeva Chhat in the Braj region.

Hal Sashti Date & Timing

Hal Sashti is celebrated six days after the Raksha Bandhan or the Shravan Purnima. According to Hindu Calendar; Hal Sashti is celebrated on the sixth day (Shashti) of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. In 2021, Hal Shasti falls on Saturday, 28 August.

Shashthi Tithi Begins: August 27, 6:49 PM
Shashthi Tithi Ends: August 28, 8:57 PM

Hal Sashti

Rituals Of Hal Shasti

This festival is celebrated with immense enthusiasm by the farming communities across the nation. The rituals are majorly performed by only the women. On this day the women wake up early before sunrise and take an early bath and the preparations for the Lalhi Chatt begin.

The women devotees clean up the place of worship and sanctify with cow dung. Then a structure resembling A plough is made with a stem of straw grass, a kind of reed, and Palash. The plough is the weapon of Lord Balram; which is worshipped by the devotees for good harvest and prosperity.

During the puja of the Hal Sashti, the structure is also worshipped by the devotees with Satyam Sia with Satavya which is a combination of seven forms of grains. Then devotees also place a piece of cloth that is colored with turmeric paste near the plough. And after all that is done the Hal Sashti Vrat Katha is recited by the devotees.

A strict fast is observed by the women in the house. They do not eat anything all throughout the day.

Hal Shasti Vrat Katha

Lord Balram - the elder brother of Shri Krishna is the seventh child of Mata Devaki and Vasudeva Ji. This festival is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Balram and is also worshipped as a form of Adhishesha who is The Serpent on which Lord Vishnu rests.

Hal Shashti is celebrated from the time of Mahabharata when Devi Uttara took the advice of Lord Krishna for the well-being of her male child. She performed a strict fast and offered puja to recover her destroyed womb. This is the reason why it is celebrated to protect the male child from all harm and for his betterment.

Significance Of Hal Shasti

Also known as Balram Jayanti Hal Shasti is dedicated to Lord Balram. Known by different names like Halayudha, Bala Deva, and Bal Bhadra, Hal Shashti is celebrated to seek protection for the male child of the house and for a good and prosperous harvest. This festival is of great importance among the farming communities.

Hal Shasti is considered to be beneficial in Vansha vriddhi. As pestle and shovel were the main tools of Lord Balram, on this day swift as tools for a bountiful harvest.

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