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Legends and Mythology behind Hanuman Jayanti

The great sage Angira had once visited the abode of Lord Indra. The overjoyed Indra arranged a dance performance by a beautiful apsara named Punjiksthala. But, the sage was least interested to watch the dance and hence submerged into deep meditation. At the end when he was asked about the performance, he replied honestly that he was not interested in watching it. This offended the dancer and she showed unwanted resentment which in turn angered the Sage. He cursed the dancer saying she shall be born on the earth from the heaven in the form of a female monkey, around a mountainous region. Though Punjiksthala did not have any intention of disrespecting the sage, she got the curse which changed her life.

Punjiksthala then felt sorry and expressed her apologies to the sage. She then went to another sage feeling guilty and expressed the incident. This sage was compassionate enough and hence blessed her that a great worshipper of Lord Vishnu would be born to her and will serve the almighty forever. The day a son is born to her, she would get back her beauty. Thus Punjiksthala was born in this world as Anjana, daughter of Kunjar, the monkey king. She was married off to Kapiraj Kesari of Mount Sumeru who was a monkey king as well and later gave birth to the mighty Hanuman. She gave birth to Hanuman after consuming the Putreshti Yagna’s fruit. This is how Hanuman was born.

Now, let’s understand how the lord became immortal!

One morning, the baby Hanuman saw the sun rising and thought it to be a great yellow ball. He wanted to play with it and hence leaped to the sky to catch it. Indra saw Hanuman reaching the sun and to stop him, he threw a Bajra (a heavy weapon) at the baby. This hit him hard and he fell unconscious as well as wounded to the ground of earth.

Seeing his baby hurt his father got enraged and was cursing the Gods. Feeling sad for the baby, the Gods decided to shower him with a lot of powers. Brahma said that no weapon would ever hurt Hanuman and that he would be able to change his form at will and travel wherever he chose. Indra’s boon was that the Vajra would no longer hurt the child and that his body would be stronger than the weapon. Varuna, the god of the ocean, offered him protection from water. Agni, the god of fire, blessed him with immunity to fire. Surya, the sun god, gave him the power to change the size of his body. Yama blessed him with good health and immortality. Vishwakarma, the divine architect, offered a boon that Hanuman would be safe from all objects of his creation. This is how we got our favourite Lord Hanuman.

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