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Hayagriva Jayanti 2021: Date, Rituals & Celebration

The day when the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Hayagriva appeared on Earth is known as the Hayagriva Jayanti. The unique incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of the head of a horse and the body of a human being is worshipped on this day. To retrieve the stolen Vedas from the Demons was the purpose of this Avatar. 

Hayagriva Jayanti 2021 Date

Also celebrated as Upakarma day and Avani Avittam by the Brahmin community, In the year 2021, Hayagriva Jayanti falls on Sunday, August 22.

Hayagriva Jayanti Muhurat - 04:18 PM to 05:31 PM

Purnima Tithi Begins - 07:00 PM on Aug 21, 2021

Purnima Tithi Ends - 05:31 PM on Aug 22, 2021

Rituals Of Hayagriva Jayanti

There is no such manual for the celebration of this day, however, on this day the old Yajnapavit also known as the Janeyu is thrown away. Devotees also worship Lord Brahma on this day. Student devotees worship Lord Hayagriva for blessings for knowledge and wisdom. 

In the land of Assam, there is a temple of Lord Hayagriva in the town of Hajo, and grand celebrations take place there. 

The story behind the celebration of Hayagriva Jayanti

Two legends are associated with the appearance of Lord Hayagriva. In the first legend, Hayagriva was the son of Kashyap Prajapati. River performs severe penances and austerities to seek blessings and his determination paid off. Goddess Durga blessed him that no man of God will be able to defeat Hayagriva and that only another Hayagriva can defeat Hayagriva. 

Eventually, his power got to his head and Hayagriva started misusing them. Immediate havoc spread out and there was panic all over the world. The devas could not defeat Hayagriva and Lord Vishnu understood that he would have to intervene. So what Lord Vishnu did was rest his head on the Bow, as the strings snapped, severing Lord Vishnu's head creating panic all around. However, Goddess Durga understood the reason behind what had played out, therefore, she asked Brahma to attach the head of a horse to Lord Vishnu's body. Brahma did as was asked and another Hayagriva appeared. This Hayagriva went to battle and defeated the demonic Hayagriva. 

The other legend

There were two demons Madhu and Kaitabha and they stole the Vedas when Brahma was asleep and kept under the deep waters. Lord Hayagriva emerged in the form of a God and a horse to recover the Vedas from the demons. This is why this incarnation is associated with wisdom and knowledge. 

Significance of Hayagriva Jayanti 

Also celebrated as Upakarma day and Avani Avittam day by the Brahmin Community, this day is celebrated as a day of wisdom and knowledge. This incarnation of Lord Vishnu is unique and the sole purpose was to retrieve the lost Vedas. Therefore, he is also known as the guardian deity of the Vedas.

This avatar is a unique one and only finds its mention in the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata and the Puranas.

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