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Holi DIY: 7 Ultimate Homemade Holi Color Powder Recipe

One easy way of creating Holi powder is mixing any flour (wheat or Maida) with food colors but even food colors have chemicals these days, so better go natural. This year lets celebrate Eco-friendly holi, to our environment as well as our health. Here is 7 ultimate homemade holi color powder recipe for your Holi DIY... 

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1. How to make Handmade Holi Red Color ?

Red color signifies both sensuality and purity. In India, red color has the utmost significance and it is the most preferred color for marriages and birth of child. All married women wear a red tilak on the forehead during ceremonies and festivals.

Holi DIY: Dry Red color 

The red color powder can be made in the following ways:
Step 1: Dry the petals of Red Rose in sun and after they become crisp, they can be powdered in a mixer and a little flour can be added to increase the volume.

Step 2: Mix a teaspoon of limestome powder or chuna or sunnambu in a cup of water with a teaspoon of turmeric and dilute it with water as required.

Step 3:. Red Hibiscus flower can be dried in shade and blended in a mixie to a powder consistency.

Holi DIY: Wet(Liquid) Red color

Step 1: Mix the sandalwood powder in water to get a uniform solution.

Step 2: Now this is a little costly venture, but nonetheless can be used for children as it is perfectly safe and even healthy for the skin. Use Red Sandal Wood Powder or Rakta chandan as a red holi color powder.

Know more about colors of Holi: FIVE Auspicious Shades Of Holi

2. How to make Handmade Holi Saffron or Orange color?

Saffron represents Fire and as impurities are destroyed by fire, it also symbolizes purity.

Dry Saffron or Orange color

The Tesu Flower or the Flame of Forest can be dried and powdered and mixed with flour for more volume.

Wet(Liquid) Saffron or Orange color

Step 1: The Tesu flowers can be either soaked in water or boiled overnight for a yellow orange color water.

Step 2: Henna can be mixed with water to yield a orange color water, if you are using it for kids, make sure you get a good quality Henna powder.

Step 3: A few strands of Kesar or Saffron can be soaked in water overnight and can be diluted with water.

3. How to make Handmade Holi Green color?

Green is a festive color and signifies life and happiness.

Dry Green color

Mix equal quantity of good quality henna powder with flour to form a green color home made holi powder. Make sure it is pure henna powder with no additional ingredients.

Wet(Liquid) Green color

Pluck fresh neem leaves and boil them in water. Allow the mixture to cool, remove the superficial water and dilute as needed.

4. How to make Handmade Holi Yellow color?

Yellow signifies Knowledge and Learning. Yellow symbolizes happiness, peace and meditation.

Dry Yellow color

This is the easiest of all the recipes, just mix 2 parts good quality turmeric powder with 4 parts of Besan flour.

Wet(Liquid) Yellow color

Mix turmeric in water or boil chrysanthemum or marigold flowers in water.

5. How to make Handmade Holi Blue color?

Blue symbolizes bravery and determination. The Hindu Gods Lord Rama and Krishna are blue colored as they fought against evil.

Dry Blue color

The Neeli Gulmohar which blooms in summer has a bright colored flower which can be dried and powdered.

6. How to make Handmade Holi Purple color?

Blue symbolizes bravery and determination. The Hindu Gods Lord Rama and Krishna are blue colored as they fought against evil.

Wet(Liquid) Purple color

Chop 1 to 2 kg of Beetroot and boil them in a cooker with water. Leave 5 to 6 whistles. After it cools, remove the water and dilute it as required. Please Note – Either use fresh color or preserve it in fridge if using later.

7. How to make Handmade Holi Brown color?

Brown color can be substituted for black, as many consider black inauspicious.

Wet(Liquid) Brown color

Mix 1 part of Henna powder with 4 parts of Amla powder for Brown color or dissolve them in water for a brown color water.

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