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Holi Incident

One of the most signature festivals of the Hindus is widely practiced worldwide. It is famous because of the way it is celebrated. The involvement of colors, thrill and crowd makes it more acceptable among people. It has become more of an enjoyment event than a festival.

Holi Incident

In this urge of enjoyment during Holi, people go crazy and end up in unwanted mishaps. To make you realize the actual significance of Holi and create a awareness we have jotted down certain accidents which have happened on the day of Holi in the past. 
People die by getting drowned in the rivers and ponds. Many youngsters play holi very severely and to add more thrill to it, they drink and jump into the water bodies to take bath. We have to understand the pros and cons of every activity before putting them into action.
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Consuming alcohol and performing antisocial activities have become very common.Molestation, assaults, accidents and suicides have become a usual activity during such festivals. Below in the article are mentioned certain such incidents. 
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Drink and drive! The worst of all. People get so excited to have fun that they drink and drive like crazy. People in more than required numbers drive one bike or car and start behaving weirdly. All such activities lead to mishaps and accidents.
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You can also refer this beautiful article full of funny Gif’s which state all the negative incidents which take place during Holi.
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Hope this article helps you analyze the adverse effects of doing crazy things in Holi.

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