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Holi Safety Tips: Do's and Dont's for Safe Holi

Holi is one of the most colorful festivals of India and celebrated worldwide with lots of enthusiasm. The festival of colors has a beautiful charm and is loved by many. People wait to welcome the day with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Unfortunately, it also has many negative effects on your skin and health. But do not worry, as RGYAN is determined to make your Holi safe and more colorful. Check out these very important Holi safety tips.

Do's and Dont's for Safe Holi - Holi Safety Tips

holi do's and dont's

What we should do for safe and harmless Holi?

  • Apply sunscreen over the exposed area like face and arms.
  • Oil the hair well before venturing out to play holi.
  • Use Eco-friendly handmade holi colors.
  • Maintain adequate hydration by drinking water as the sun will suck up all your energy.
  • Save water by using pichkaries and dry colors.
  • Keep the first aid kit ready for any emergencies
  • Take a bath immediately after holi celebration with a mixture of besan, curd, and turmeric which removes colors efficiently.

What we should not do for an Eco-friendly and safe Holi?

  • Don't use mud, egg, and varnish for holi celebration.
  • Don't use colors in the area near to eyes, nose, mouth and open wounds.
  • Don't pour colors over the plant and animals.
  • Don't play colors if you have known allergy colors or you are aschematic. Don't there are lots of different way to celebrate Holi.  Here is 7 Out Of The Box Holi Celebrations
  • Don't apply kerosene to remove colors 
  • Never allow children to play unattended
  • Don't allow kids to drop water balloons each other as the quality of water may be poor and may result in infection. You can create your own water balloons at home by natural homemade colors and clean water.

We hope you like our Holi safety tips; if you have any, you can mail us at support@rgyan.com. Let's celebrate a happy and safe holi this year. Team Rgyan wishes all of you; a happy and wonderful HOLI.

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