Incredible Facts About Buddha

• The ‘Buddha Charita’ of ‘Asvaghosha’ illustrates the complete biography of Buddha. However, modern scholars criticize some of the data narrated by ‘Asvaghosha’.

• The “Fat Buddha” (Laughing Buddha) is not Gautam Buddha. As he was not so roly- poly and plump. Much delineation portrays the ‘round shape Buddha’ just because it was a symbol of happiness in the east.

• It is believed that- one of the Buddha’s teeth still exists. It was plucked out from his mouth during his cremation ceremony and moved (illegally) into the Country- Sri Lanka where it is still present.

• There is no contemporary and authentic account of the life of Gautama Buddha except a few data provided by the Buddhist Sutras. The`Sutta Nipata’ and the ‘Jatakas’ throw some scattered and scanty light on Buddha’s life. 

• He focussed on self- restraints mainly in all the things, such as-

-he used to survive without food on a daily basis

-he concentrated walking hundreds of miles to spread the philosophy of awareness.

• The three prime Teachings of Gautam Buddha which he illuminated to his ardent followers were

- Not to be ignorant

- Do not hate others

- Never get angry or enraged.

• One of the wisest men, just after few days of his birth predicated that he would later become a great king or a rhetorian that would change the world.

• Young Buddha decided to sit under a tree (fig) for gaining liberalism and meditated until he felt ill.  An exceedingly long concentration and a conflict which held with Mara who was the God of desire made Siddhartha awakened and was then known as “Buddha” among his followers. 

• Gautam was actually a wealthy prince; he was a born reach though however he chose to follow the path of truth and realism. He was actually overwhelmed when he saw the poverty-stricken people around. The penury made him changed his name- Siddartha to Gautama.

• In his entire life, Buddha sermonized enthusiastic the notable sessions of knowledge and insights. He also travelled his entire life until the age of 80, when he passed away.

• His final words to Universe are: “All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.”

• The ‘Bodhi’ Tree under which Buddha preached his practitioners the lessons of enlightenment is still preserved till day.

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