Interesting Facts About This Gala:

·   Lord-Buddha is venerated among the worshippers on Saga-Dawa, as this day is commemorated, when he attained the enlightenment through spiritual knowledge and insights by ignoring the worldly-pleasure.

·      This spiritual ceremony is directed and steered by a Lama who is a Buddhist teacher, through the rite.

·   This religious sacrament is all allied to a Flagpole situated on the hillock of a mountain. On this day, it is replaced by another flagpole that lies on the Kailasha round. Beside this, the flagpole should stand upright the hill otherwise it is considered to bring bad luck to Tibet and its residents.

·   The whole month of Saga Dawa is purposely extolled to take special oaths like Nyanney and Nyungney. These two vows are for taking one time meal per day and to refrain from food and speaking throughout the holy month respectively.

·      The speciality about this Buddhist festival is: The Tibet tribes pray for the well-being and good health of their beloved mentors.

The local people involve the confined enthusiasts into various acts and spread the Buddha’s Teachings and Enlightenments through preaching’s, seminars and deep discussions in a conference room or so.

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