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Jaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Nandana was a forest in the heavens. It was a serene little place with all the gods living in peace. There amidst the beauty of the very cloud cuckoo land lived a couple so engrossed in each other that they often forgot their duty and indulged in mutual admiration of each other. The man was a handsome young Malyavan and the woman was a beautiful damsel Pushpavati. 

Once Lord Indra took a casual walk to the forest and to welcome him, the gods arranged for a dance concert and the couple took part in it. But to everyone’s dismay, halfway into their performance, they started to sensuously indulge in loving each other. Indra felt insulted and so did all the other gods. He was so furious that he spelled a curse unto them both. The curse would make them take birth on earth as a poor couple. 

As the curse unfolded itself, the couple was indeed born in the Himalayas as a poor couple who had no food to feed themselves and no clothes to cover themselves. They lived a miserable life. However, one day accidentally they went into penance and ended up impressing Lord Vishnu with their repentance. As blessings, Lord Vishnu gave back to them their lost glory and prosperity.

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