JayDev Kenduli Mela festival

Kenduli Mela or JayDev Kenduli Mela festival is a famous religious fair, exalted in West Bengal at the place-Joydev Kenduli in the district of Birbhum. The fair festival will begin in 14th January and end up by 16th January in 2019. This spellbinding festival is popular due to popular musicians and medieval singers around the state of West-Bengal. These artistic jongleurs throng together at a historic vicinity of Kenduli which is about 42 kilometres from the main city.

This magnificent fair is all about the music, song and rhythms of these newly learned minstrels and their epic voices. They perform beautiful performance in front of the crowd in their unique traditional music. The group of musicians are generally seen in saffron colored-dress, carrying a famous ancient instrument- Ektara in the streets of West Bengal region.

The main theme behind the celebration of this religious occasion is to spread the message of unity and the lessons of life's philosophy through songs. The major pious observance takes place in the vicinity of the River. The entire festivity is celebrated majorly by the Baul community and the people of Birbhum district sect. Millions of participants throw a divine throng at the banks of Bhagirathi River and enjoy the gaiety with immense fervour and gusto. At Saugour Island Beach of the River, devotees and admirers gather to take a holy dip in the pious water of Ganga. It is believed that- taking a sacred bathe in the River washes off all the sins and evil-doing. The event place gets full-fledged decorated and embellished with various shopping stalls and traditional accessories stores near to the River side. 

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