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Kali Jayanti, Dates, Rituals & Significance

To mark the birth anniversary of goddess Bhadrakali the festival of Bhadrakali Jayanti is celebrated on this day. Also celebrated as Apara Ekadashi in some states of India and as Jalakrida Ekadashi in the state of Orissa holds great importance as Goddess Bhadrakali is believed to protect all good.

Kali Jayanti Dates

On the 11th day of the dark fortnight of the moon or on the Ekadashi of Krishna paksha in the month of Jyestha in the Hindu calendar, this day is observed.  In 2021 Bhadrakali Jayanti falls on Saturday, 5 June.

Rituals Of Kali Jayanti

- On this day devotees get up early in the morning and bath. After preparing for the rituals to be performed in the morning devotees wear black clothes. 

- On this day, devotees generally wear black or blue clothes.

- Devotees place the idol of Bhadrakali at the place of worship and a sacred bath is given to the idol with water, honey, and ghee. This ritual is called the Panchamrit Abhishek.
- Then the idol of Mata is dressed suitably and coconut water is offered to the Goddess which is considered very auspicious on this day. Then follows Chandan Pooja and Bilva Pooja. 

- Only at noon, the actual prayers begin and devotees recite several Devi mantras to appease the Goddess Bhadrakali and seek her blessings.

What does the legend say?

According to the Legend in Hindu mythology, it is believed that goddess Bhadrakali emerged from Lord Shiva's hair. At the news of Sati's death, Lord Shiva got Furious and thus emerged from his hair, Bhadrakali. The main purpose of the emergence of the goddess Shakti was to destroy all the demons from the Earth. 

Kali Jayanti Significance

In the Nilamata Purana also known as Vitasta Mahatmya, the glories of Bhadrakali Jayanti are mentioned. She is worshipped to overcome all the hurdles in life. If a devotee offers prayers dedicatedly to goddess Bhadrakali all the horoscope problems including any Graha Dosha can also be resolved. It is also believed that if offered prayers to goddess Bhadrakali on this day one can fulfill 11 desires. 

Bhadra in Sanskrit means good. Therefore, worshipping her protects the good in every individual.

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