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Kamada Ekadashi Importance, Vrat & Story

Kamada Ekadashi is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. It is the Kamada Ekadashi of Vaishnav people on Monday. A day before, the smart saint celebrates Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu fasts on this day. It is believed that by observing Kamada Ekadashi, one gets relief from all the sufferings. This year Kamada Ekadashi is on 4th April, Saturday.

Benefit of Kamada Ekadashi fasting worship

Lord Vishnu is worshiped on Kamada Ekadashi. Fasting on this day gives freedom from all kinds of sorrows and sorrows. It is believed that Lord Vishnu fulfills the unfulfilled wishes of Lord Vishnu on this day. Therefore it is also called Falda Ekadashi or Kamada Ekadashi. Even if your husband or child is a victim of bad habits, you can observe the fast of Kamada Ekadashi.

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi

The worship method of Kamada Ekadashi fast which fulfills the wishes is as follows:

1. On this day in the morning, retire from the bath, etc., and take a resolution of the fast and worship God.
2. Remember Lord Vishnu from time to time throughout the day and awakening should be done near the place of worship at night.
3. On the next day of Ekadashi, i.e. Dwadashi, one should observe fast.
4. Brahman food and Dakshina have importance in Ekadashi fast, so on the day of Parana, give food to Brahmin and leave by giving Dakshina. Take food only after this.

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat story

It is said that there was a kingdom of snakes called Pundarik. This state was very rich and prosperous. Apsaras, Gandharvas, and kinnars used to live in this state. There was also a beautiful nymph named Lalita. Her husband Lalit also lived there. Lalit Nag used to sing songs in the court and entertained everyone by showing his dance. They had a lot of love among themselves.

Both wanted to be in each other's eyes. Raja Pundarik once ordered Lalit to sing and dance. Lalit remembers his nymph wife Lalitha while dancing and singing, which led to a mistake in her dancing and singing. A serpent god named Karkotak was present in the meeting, who had told about the mistake of Lalit to a Naga king named Pundarik. Angered by this, King Pundarik cursed Lalit to become a demon.

After this, Lalit became an evil-looking demon. His nymph wife Lalitha was very sad. Lalitha began to find a solution for the liberation of her husband. Then a sage advised Lalita to keep Kamada Ekadashi fast. Lalitha observed Ekadashi fast in Muni's ashram and gave the full benefit of this fast to her husband. With the power of fasting, Lalit got rid of his demon form and he again became a beautiful singer Gandharva.

Importance of Kamada Ekadashi

This Ekadashi is considered to be a sin-destroying Ekadashi. It has been said in the Puranas that every wish is fulfilled on this day by keeping fast and listening to the story. Knowingly and unknowingly, sin is destroyed. The fasting person gets heaven after death. The fasting of Kamada Ekadashi is very fruitful.

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