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Lalita Saptami 2021: Date, Significance & Ceremony

Lalita  Saptami is celebrated in honor of Sri Lalita  Devi. It is the day of Lalita Devi, who was a close friend of Radhadevi. Lalita Saptami falls on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha, in the month of Bhadrapada. Lalita Devi was the most devoted gopi to Radha. It is a very auspicious day that holds a lot of importance. Lalita  Saptami falls a day before the holy form of Radharani (Radhashtami). Lalita was the dearest of Goddess Radharani and Lord Krishna. Worshiping Lalita  Devi along with Lord Krishna on this day is considered extremely auspicious.

Who was Lalita Devi

Lalita Devi was one of Radha's most special and loved friends. Lalita  Devi used to take full care of Radha. Lalita is also known by the name Lalita  Sakhi. Lalita Devi was related to Unchagaon of Mathura. The stories of Lalita Devi's love and faith are narrated in the entire Brajmandal. Lalita Devi had a very deep understanding of love, which is why she was closest to Radha-Krishna. According to mythology, Lalita Devi was skilled in every art, she used to play with Radha Ji. She also used to get Radha Ji boating. Lalita Devi used to take full care of Radha.

Lalita Saptami 2021 Date

Lalita Saptami is celebrated in the honor of Sri Lalita Devi. Lalita Saptami is the appearance day of Sri Lalita Devi who was the favorite Sakhi of Sri Radha Devi. In the year 2021, Lalita Saptami falls on Monday, 13 September.

Significance of Lalita Saptami

Lalita  Devi is one of the eight gopis within the traditional Gaudiya Vaishnava worship of Radharani and Krishna. Among the eight senior gopis, the Ashta Sakhis, Lalita is the foremost. The Ashtasakhis are Lalita , Visakha, Chitralekha, Champaklata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi, and Sudevi. The Ashta Sakhis displayed spiritual love for their beloved Radha and Krishna. No one can equal or exceed their love for Radha-Krishna. She was 14 years, 8 months, and 27 days elder to Radharani. She is the oldest of Krishna's gopi friends. Lalita  Devi is remembered as a constant and loyal friend of Radha. He is the hallmark of Khanditha Bhava. He is a pale yellow form. His costume is like peacock feathers.

Lalita Saptami Ceremony

In most of the temples of Braj Bhoomi and Vrindavan, Radharani and Lord Krishna are hoisted by two sakhis, Lalita and Vishakha. Lalita is Radharani's loyal companion and follower and always favors her. His only wish is to serve Radha and Krishna. The famous holy Lalita Kund in Vrindavan provides salvation to the devotees. It is the most auspicious expression of Lalita Devi's love for Lord Krishna and Radha who removes all obstacles in the path of pure devotion and dedication. Worshiping Lalita Devi along with Radharani and Lord Krishna on this day is considered extremely auspicious.


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