Lohanda and Kharna

The 2nd day of Chhath puja is known as Kharna. On Kharna, devotees observe Vrat for a time period of almost 8 to 12 hours. On this day devotees keep fast for the whole day and break their fast in the evening after sunset after the worship of Sun. People terminate the fast during the evening after performing Surya Puja. They offer Rasiao-kheer, puris, fruits in the puja.

This year Chhath puja day 2 Lohanda and Kharna fall on Thursday, 19 November 2020

Lohanda and Kharna Rituals

- The fasting continues this day till it completes 36 Hours.
- In the evening Chati Maiyya is worshipped.
- The Prasad from the puja is consumed to break the fast.
- The Prasad prepared is usually Puri and Gud ka Kheer.
- Salt is not at all consumed on this day.

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