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Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti

According to the scripture of Hinduism, one will get complete benefits of Hanuman Aarti when they chant it regularly. For best results, you should sing Hanuman Mantra early morning after bath. Keeping apart the benefits and the desire of wishes, this Mantra has much more significance. When chanted regularly, it gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from your life It makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Arati kijai hanumana lala ki

Dushta dalana raghunatha kala ki

Jake bala se girivara kampe

Roga-dosha jake nikata na jhampai

Anjani putra mahabala da-i

Santana ke prabhu sada saha-i

De bira raghunatha patha-e

Lanka jari siya sudhi la-e

Lanka so kota samudra-si kha-i

Jata pavanasuta bara na la-i

Lanka jari asura sanhare

Siyaram ji ke kaja samvare

Lakshmana murchhita pare sakare

La-e sanjivana prana ubare

Like any other Mantra, it is highly beneficial when people understand the meaning of the Mantra. Below the meaning has been explained in detail.

Sing the arati of Lord Hanuman, the destroyer of all that is wicked, and an exalted hero in Sri Ram's sportive play on earth. His massive power makes even mountains shake. Neither sickness nor impurities can come close to his devotees. This son of Mother Anjani is immensely powerful. He always provides help and protection to the good. Lord Ram entrusted brave Hanuman with the task of finding Sita, for which he jumped to Lanka and burnt the capital. The impregnable fort of Lanka and the deep moat of the surrounding sea could not hamper his progress. He succeeded in bringing news of Sita. He burned Lanka, slayed the demons, and completed the work of Lord Ram and Mother Sita.

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