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Lord Hanuman Life Story : Education and Career

Lord Hanuman was known for his great intelligence and knowledge. His dedication is awe inspiring not only for his love for Rama but also for anything he had ever followed. You will be amazed to hear about the life story of Shree Hanuman.

When Hanuman was a toddler he had once approached the sun thinking it to be a ball to play with. After getting hit with Lord Indra’s weapon, he felt unconscious and was later showered with boons from many Gods. At that time, he had asked Lord Surya to be his teacher and Guru. Surya agreed and hence Hanuman became his disciple.

In the Valmiki Ramayana, it is mentioned that Hanuman started his studies from grammar and language. He was really fast at learning, so much so that he learnt all the scriptures within 60 days. Despite of the difficulty of the moving Surya, Hanuman achieved his aims flawlessly. He also used to rotate along with his guru at the same pace while studying. His capacities stunned everybody and he became a known personality. It is said that he was able to become equal to Brahaspati and Brahma (the founders and managers of knowledge) in knowledge.

There is another mention in ‘Valmiki Ramayana’ where Lord Rama himself says that the bravery of Hanuman in the battlefield is more impressive than that of time, Lord Vishnu or Varuna. When a child, Hanuman was quite destructive and used to damage things of all the Rishis and so had got a curse that he will lose all his powers until reminded of his greatness. Though he had regained his powers when reminded by Jambavan, still people remind him of his powers in the Hanuman Chalisa. I mentioned about his destructiveness just to remind that despite of all these naughty, childish activities, he has achieved the most valuable personality.

In his later life he has been a proven guru to many eminent personalities and has been successful in preaching our Shastras. He has served his entire life to Lord Rama keeping behind all his desires and wishes. He was a brahmacharya and had left all his worldly pleasures just to serve Lord Rama. Later he is said to be immortal and still resides somewhere on earth.

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