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Mahavir Jayanti Rituals

Jainism always worships Mahavir as their exalted Human God and for them he was no lesser than a Deity or a one who is an ultimate divinity. Mahavira was the twenty-fourth (last) Tirthankara who accomplished excellence by immense penance and concentration in early days. There are four types of Jain Sects:

-         Digambars

-         Svetambaras

-          Sthanakvasis

-         and Deravasis.

Legends say that out of these four sects only Deravasis visit temples and worship statues and idols. They also follow some set of Rituals and Traditions during specific occasions and Festivals around...Although, the other Jain Sects do not believe in killing even an insect thereby avoid eating food after 5:00 P.M in the evening. They also ignore wearing Clothes and Fabrics.
Jain Community ideally does not follow any set of rituals to commemorate the Fete of their Favourite Human God because their leader Guru- Mahavir was always in against of Idol- Worship.


Rituals Associated with this Fest:

·        Ritual begins with the Snana or Traditional Statue Bathe with Holy Water and fragrant oils..

·        Peeps decorate their respective temples and adorn Mahavir Statues with beautiful dresses.

·        They offer flowers and embellish the deity with flowery garlands after wards.

·        The idol of Mahavir is enriched with Haldi and Chandan Mixture (Lep) all around.

·         They Tilak the bathed deity and offer special Food in the form of ‘Bhoga’.

·        They proceed with proffering Rice, Fruits, Sugar and Dry- Fruits along with Abhisheka with Milk and Holy Water.

·        Some Devotees also observe Fast on this religious day to get immense blessings and boon for their beloved ones.

·        The family members gather a throng inside their temple vicinity and talk about the core Values and Lessons of Mahavira.

·        Kheer and Laddoos are prepared in Jain houses as Sweet delicacies.

·        One of the notable traditions of this day is the Must visit to various Tirthankar Shrines and the Temples.

·        They even Chant special rhyming prayers, or Bhajans, that honor Mahavira Statue.

As per Jain Mythology, on this propitious day, for each and every Jain, the four kinds of donation are advised:

Gyan daan: sharing of knowledge.
Abhay daan: protecting people from bad actions.
Aushad daan: donating medicines.
Ahaar daan: giving food.


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