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Mangal Pradosh Vrat 2022 Dates, Vrat Katha and Vidhi

Mangal Pradosh Vrat
Pradosh vrat is observed during the pradosh period on Trayodashi tithi. If Pradosh vrat falls on Tuesday, then it is called Mangal Pradosh Vrat.
Also calledBhaum Pradosham
DeityLord Shiva
Dates15 March 2022
29 March 2022
09 August 2022
ObservancesPuja, Fasting, Night-awakening, donations, and prayers
BenefitsRelief from health problems and debt

If Pradosha fast falls on Tuesday then it is called Mangal Pradosh Vrat. It is also known as Bhaum Pradosham. Fasting and worshipping Lord Shiva on this day gives relief from health issues and debt. The story of Mangal Pradosh Vrat is as follows,

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Mangal Pradosh Vrat Katha

Mangal Pradosh Vrat

By the way, there are many stories related to this fast. According to one of these stories, a Brahmini lived with his son in a village. She was very poor. She always fasted Pradosh. She would go begging daily with her son. One day, on the way, he found a prince in an injured state named Vidarbha. The prince was attacked by the neighboring kingdom. At the same time, his kingdom was also annexed. Brahmani saw her condition and brought her home. Brahmani served him well. One day that prince was cured. After some time, the Brahmin went to the Shiva Temple with both children. There he met sage Shandilya. Sage Shandilya told Brahmani about Vidarbha. He said that it is the son of the king of Vidarbha country. The king was killed in battle and his mother also died prematurely. Rishi Shandilya asked Brahmani to perform Pradosh vrat. From then on, Brahmani started Pradosh vrat with both his children. After some time the prince was married to a Gandharva daughter. Prince Vidarbha, with the help of Gandharvas, regained his kingdom. The prince made Brahmin's son a minister. In this way neither did the Brahmani get rid of poverty by the fruits of Pradosh vrat and also returned the prince to his lost kingdom.

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Benefits: Mangal Pradosh vrat gives relief from health problems and debt.

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