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Matangi Jayanti 2021 Date, Story, Rituals & Significance

Regarded as the ninth of the significant Dasa Mahavidyas, goddess Matangi is also known by the name ‘Tantrik Saraswati’. She is related to the art of magic – Tantrik Vidhya. As per the Hindu calendar, Matangi Jayanti falls on Ashaya Tritiya - Vaisakha Sukla Paksha Tritiya. 

Matangi Jayanti 2021 Date

Goddess Matangi Jayanti is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Tritiya day of Baisakh month. In the year 2021 Matangi Jayanti observes on Friday, 14 May. Devotees perform puja and religious ceremonies to Goddess Matangi. Parashuram Jayanti is also observed on this day to commemorate his birth anniversary of Lord Parashuram - the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Matangi Jayanti Rituals

On this day, the idol or statue of the deity is placed on the altar by the devotees to worship the goddess. Once this is done, they lit a diya and started the rituals. Sacred food is prepared by the devotees and offered to the deity along with flowers, coconut, and garlands. Then the devotees perform aarti and mantras are chanted. Later, Prasad is distributed among the other devotees. Several acts of donations are also performed on this day.

Matangi Jayanti Story

A form of Lord Shiva, goddess Matangi wears a crescent moon on her forehead, and her forearms direct towards the four directions. Therefore, she is also popularly known as Vagdevi. According to Hindu mythology, the goddess Matangi is also a form of goddess Saraswati. According to Brahmayala, a sage named Matang underwent a lot of penance and hardships in the Kandabvan because of which there came a divine and radiant light from his eyes and took the form of a woman. Since then, this woman is regarded as the daughter of sage Matang and thus came to be known as Matangi.

Matangi Jayanti Significance

It is believed that worshipping goddess Matangi bestows upon the devotees all the pleasures of life. Worshipping her frees one from all fears and hardships and all their wishes and desires are fulfilled by the deity. Devotees worship her to gain excellence in fine arts, dance, and music. Some also believe that devotees also acquire occult powers and victory over enemies. Worshipping her also helps to live a happy conjugal life filled with harmony and peace.

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