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Medical & Health Benefits of Chhath Puja


Chhath Puja, the holistic festival is basically celebrated in the North- Indian states of India in the month of Kartik. Observing Chhath Puja has lots of health and medical benefits. 

Medical & Health Benefits of Chhath Puja

Chhath puja is observed by women for the well-being of their children and family. Apart from its spiritual significance; this auspicious festival has many scientific significance. Here is some health and medical benefits of Chhath puja;

- Sun worship in Kartik month is related to absorption of vitamin D
- Vitamin comes from UVB rays
- These rays are predominant at sun set and sun rise
- Vitamin D deficiency today is running like an epidemic in the society
- Vitamin D is sued for absorbing calcium from the food.
- All the food items used in this pooja are high in calcium.
- Kartik is also high fertility months. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to infertility.
- In fasting state natural calcium is better absorbed.
- Patients with compromised kidneys should not do this fast.
- Fast is never broken with feast. This fast is usually broken with ginger and jaggery.
- When the spectrum of sun rays refract through the water, it breaks down into seven colors. The energy emanating from these rays of different colors is absorbed by the body, and balances any dosha in the body. As a result we automatically gain ‘water therapy of sun rays.’ On the health front, this improves eye-sight and mind power.
- Chhath Puja also has roots in science as it helps the human body get rid of toxicity. Taking dips in water and exposing oneself to the Sun increases the flow of solar bio-electricity that improves the overall functionality of the human body. Some also believe that Chhath Puja helps eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the body - thus preparing one for the onset of the winter season.

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