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Medical Significance

The time during which Holi arrives witnesses a drastic change in climatic conditions. The weather changes from cold to heat, bringing in laziness and sleepiness among people.
To counteract this tardiness of the body, our ancestors had come up with this very beautiful and fun filled festival. This is for sure not the only biological significance of Holi, but there are much more great reasons associated as well.

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1. Holi is great for the body. It helps to rejuvenate the system of the human body. When the naturally made colors are sprayed in the body it penetrates the skin and enters into the pores. These natural products strengthen the ions in the body and add health and beauty to the skin. 
2. The mutation period of winter and spring, induces the growth of bacteria in the atmosphere as well as in the body. When the born fire of Holi known as Holika is burnt, temperature rises to about 145 degrees Fahrenheit inducing a healthy heat in the atmosphere. When people take Parikrama around the fire, the germs die hence cleaning the body.
3. The most interesting biological significance lies in the colors used during the Holi festival. According to research’s conducted, our body is a combination of different colors and due to the lifestyle we adopt certain deficiencies occur. Playing with colors will instill those lost pigments in our body resulting in the cure of many ailments.
4. People also clean-up their houses on Holi which helps in clearing up the dust and mess in the house and get rid of mosquitoes and others pests. A clean house generally makes the residents feel good and generate positive energies.

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