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Meera Bai Jayanti 2022: Date, Story & Significance

Meera Bai Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashwin as the birth anniversary of Meerabai. Many things related to Meera Bai's life are still considered a mystery. Meera Bai was a 16th-century Hindu mystic poet and impassioned devotee of Lord Krishna. She also died in the idol of God. Meera Bai had worshiped Lord Krishna throughout her life. Meerabai was the princess of Medwa Rajkul of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Meerabai was the only child of Ratan Singh, the younger brother of Merta Maharaj. When Meera was only two years old, her mother died. So his grandfather Rao Duda brought him to Merta and brought him up under his care. Meerabai was born in 1498 on Sharad Purnima in Kudaki, Rajasthan.

Meera Bai Jayanti 2022 Date

Sharad Purnima is celebrated as Meerabai's birth anniversary. In the year 2022, Meera Bai Jayanti falls on Sunday, 9 October.

Purnima Tithi Begins - 03:41 AM on Oct 09, 2022
Purnima Tithi Ends - 02:24 AM on Oct 10, 2022

Story of Meera Bai

There are no historical documents related to the life of Meerabai. Only some such stories are heard and seen in which scholars have tried to shed light about Meerabai's life from literature and other sources. According to these documents, Meera was born in a royal family in the year 1498 in Merta, Rajasthan.

The early life of Meera Bai

His father Ratan Singh Rathod was the ruler of a small Rajput princely state. She was the only child of her parents and her mother passed away when she was a young child. They were taught subjects like music, religion, politics, and administration. Meera was brought up under the care of her grandfather, who was a serious worshiper of Lord Vishnu and was a warrior as well as a devotee-hearted, and the visits of saints and sages used to stay here. In this way, Meera kept coming in contact with sages and religious people since childhood.

Marriage of Meera Bai

Meera was married in 1516 to Bhoj Raj, the son of Rana Sanga and prince of Mewar. Her husband Bhoj Raj was injured in 1518 in a conflict with the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate and due to this, she died in 1521. Within a few years of her husband's death, her father and father-in-law were also killed in a battle with Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire.

It is said that according to the prevailing custom of that time, after the death of her husband, an attempt was made to do sati to Meera with her husband, but she was not ready for it and gradually she became detached from the world and became a saint. She started spending her time doing kirtan in the company of.

Meera Bai Krishna Bhakti

Meera Bai Krishna Bhakti

After the death of her husband, her devotion increased day by day. Meera often went to temples and danced in front of Krishna idols in front of Krishna devotees. Meerabai's devotion to Krishna and dancing and singing in this manner were not liked by her husband's family, due to which several attempts were made to kill her by poisoning.

It is believed that around 1533 Meera was called Merta by 'Rao Biramdev' and the very next year after Meera's abdication of Chittor, in 1534, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat captured Chittor. Chittor ruler Vikramaditya was killed in this battle and hundreds of women committed Jauhar. After this, in 1538, Rao Maldev, the ruler of Jodhpur, took control of Merta, after which Biramdev fled and took refuge in Ajmer and Meera Bai set out on a pilgrimage to Braj. In 1539 Meera Bai met Roop Goswami in Vrindavan. After residing in Vrindavan for a few years, Meerabai moved to Dwarka around 1546.

Meerabai was considered a rebel in the then society because her religious activities did not conform to the customary rules established for a princess and a widow. She spent most of her time in the temple of Krishna and meeting sages and pilgrims and composing devotional posts.

It is believed that after staying in Vrindavan for a long time, Meera went to Dwarka in 1547 she was absorbed in the idol of Lord Krishna

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