Modern Ways of Celebrating Lohri Festival

The people of India are famous for maintaining their culture and taking ahead the ancestral rituals further. Their dedication for promoting the beliefs and rules of our Sanatana Dharma has continuously given birth to new ways and ideologies. Similarly, there are many things and activities which people do to make the festival of Lohri interesting and happening.

The concept of gifting gajaks, til and other Lohri homemade eatables has become way extinct. Now people prefer to gift readymade stuff like chocolates, cakes, showpieces and so on.

Like before, people do not cut many trees to lit the fire of Lohri. The need of a safer pollution free environment has become more essential in the current times.

Other ways of keeping the culture alive have been organization of feasts, events and exhibitions.

The Punjabi’s promote their Lohri festivities by keeping their delicacies open for all buy buying via a food exhibition.

Sculptures, images, examples, and so on are set in grounds to bring forward the mythology behind this beautiful celebration.

Medical, societal and mental importance of Lohri is stated as well.

People arrange get together in their respective house, prepare delicacies, talk about their families and socialize on this day keeping the major concept of Lohri alive.

You can also see malls, restaurants and offices setting up the theme of Lohri. They celebrate by giving up discount coupons or bonus.

The world is evolving and so are the choices of people. But, the good part of Indians is that they are keeping the culture alive even if it is in a refurbished way.

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