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Pongal Mythology: The story behind Pongal Celebration

The beauty of South India lies in its culture and tradition. The people belonging to those states always make sure to celebrate their ancestral traditions without any refurbishing. South Indians are said to be the cleanest-hearted, helpful, and hard-working people, and so are their customs and traditions. So, here comes the Pongal which is a representation of how people are from South India.

How did this Pongal festival start? What is the story behind this and what are the mythological connections?

Story of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva has a lot of followers up along with him in the Himalayan ranges who are bulls. Lord Shiva asked his bull named Basava to visit the earth and meet human beings. He was asked to convey the message that, humans must take an oil massage and bath on a daily basis and as far as eating is concerned, they can eat only once a month.

By mistake, the bull wrongly conveyed to the people that, they must eat every day and as far as oil massage and bathing is concerned, it must be done only once a month. This act of Basana made Lord Shiva is very furious. As a result, Lord Shiva punished him to live on the earth forever and help people in plowing the fields and growing more food.

Story of Lord Indra

Once it happened that, Lord Krishna in the days of his childhood, decided to teach Lord Indra a lesson, as he had become a bit too arrogant after having become the king of all deities. Lord Krishna went to meet the cowherds and told them to stop worshipping Lord Indra. This made Lord Indra enraged and he brought about a major thunderstorm along with rains that continued for three consecutive days. Seeing this calamity, people went to Lord Krishna with cries of help. Then, Lord Krishna lifted the mountain Govardhan and that too with a single finger. This incident made Lord Indra realize his mistake.


History and Significance of Pongal

Types of Pongal

Puja Vidhi and Rituals of Pongal

The Famous Jallikattu Festival

Pongal Recipes   

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