Nagula chavithi / Naga Chaturthi

Mythology behind Nagula chavithi

On the day of Nag Chaturthi, worshipping Nag Devta (Serpent God) is considered auspicious and profitable in every aspect. Venerating Snake God brings in prosperity and happiness for the whole year. Adishesh (Sheshnag) and Vasuki are said to be major deities among all the serpents and snakes.Nagula Chavithi is popular as- Naga Chaturthi among Hindu Tamilians. It will be on 11th November in 2018 year.

Nagula Chavithi Puja Muhurat = 11:25 to 14:09

Duration = 2 Hours 44 Mins

Chavithi Tithi Begins = 03:42 on 11/Nov/2018

Chavithi Tithi Ends = 05:14 on 12/Nov/2018

Mythology behind this divine festival:

In the Kshir Sagar, the Adishesh Nag is found above the Lord Vishnu. And its younger brother 'Vasuki' is surrounded around Lord Shiva's throat. Vasuki became the masonry rope at the time of the sea churning (samundra-manthan). Thus, he was also an invaluable contributor to the sea churning. All human beings are grateful for this contribution of Nag Vasuki for the welfare of the creation. On this day Lord Shiva drank the toxic poison-halalala from the sea churning to save the whole universe.. Nag Chaturthi will be celebrated in 2018 Therefore, Nag Chaturthi,Nagula Chavithi, Nag Panchami and Nag Shashti are observed to express their gratitude and respect towards Nag Gods (Lord Serpents). 

How to perform Nagula chavithi:

• Nagula Chavithi is chiefly celebrated by the Hindu women.

• Women keep a strict fast on this propitious day and revere snake god by conducting Naga Devta Puja.

• They perform a set of rituals for the long life and good health of their children.

• Waking up early in the morning is considered divine and pious.

• Prior to worship, devotees take a holy bath from head to toe.

• Tamil Women also prepare sweetmeats such as- sesame and jiggery laddu, vadapappu and chalimidi for Naivedyam sacrament.

• Worshippers visit Serpent gods’ temples including snake pit

• Venerate Nag Devta with puja samigiri including- milk, fruits, sugar, gangajal, dry fruits, vermillion, rice, coconut, incense stick and flowers to the deity in the temple.

• Decorate the Snake idol with different items before offering these devout things.

• Light a deepam in front of the deity inside the main sanctum and perform aarti.

• Offer bhoga and prasadam at the ends.

•  Also perform pradakshinas around the snake idol (pit) for at least 5 times.

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