Chhath Puja 2018

Nahay Khay

Auspicious Time

Tithi: Chaturthi
Sunrise at 05:43
Sunset at 16:57

The word ‘Nahaya’ refers to bath and ‘khaya’ refers to eating.

  • People first brush their teeth with mango twigs.
  • Then they go to a holy water body like river Ganga and take a bath.
  • Some of the holy water is brought home.
  • With that water, Prasad for Lord Surya is prepared.
  • In the entire day people eat only before Surya udaya in the morning.
  • After having food water is consumed only once.
  • This fast is observed for 36 hours from then.
  • The fast does not even permit water hence is known as ‘Nirjal’.

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