Nahay Khay

1st day of Chhath puja is known as Nahay-Khay. The word ‘Nahay’ refers to a bath and ‘khay’ refers to eating. After bathing in the morning, the vrati women clean the grain for the puja material and dry it by covering it in the sun. Cleanliness is taken care of during washing and drying of grains. After this, women take a bath once again. From this day, not only the vrati women but also their families start taking satvik food. Kaddu Bhaat along with Channa dal is a common preparation on this day and it is cooked by using mud or bronze utensils and mango wood over a mud stove. After worship, all the observers are eaten only once on a day. After eating the food sometime mid-noon, vrati starts the waterless-fast which is broken only the next day evening while observing 'Kharna' the second day of Chhath Puja.

In 2020; Chhath puja day 1 - Nahay-Khay falls on Wednesday, 18 November

Rituals of Nahay-Khay

- People first brush their teeth with mango twigs.
- Then they go to a holy water body like river Ganga and take a bath.
- Some of the holy water is brought home.
- With that water, Prasad for Lord Surya is prepared.
- In the entire day, people eat only before Surya udaya in the morning.
- After having food water is consumed only once.
- This fast is observed for 36 hours from then.
- The fast does not even permit water hence is known as ‘Nirjal’.

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