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Narada Jayanti 2021: Date, Story & Significance

The birth anniversary of Devrishi Narada is celebrated as Narada Jayanti. It falls on Krishna Paksha Pratipada of the Vaisakha month. Narada Muni was the messenger of God. He depicts the present-day journalists, he is the precursor of musicians, he is Narada Muni, an important Vedic sage. A great devotee of Lord Vishnu, he would always be heard singing devotional songs in praise of Lord Vishnu. His singing would be accompanied by a Veena that he played. He is considered an intellectual while being equally known for his mischiefs.

Narada Jayanti

Narada Jayanti 2021 Dates

According to the Hindu calendar, Narada Jayanti is observed on Pratipada Tithi during Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month. On very rare occasions, it falls on the day of Buddha Purnima. In the year 2021, Narada Jayanti falls on Thursday, 27 May.

Pratipada Tithi Begins - 04:43 PM on May 26, 2021
Pratipada Tithi Ends - 01:02 PM on May 27, 2021

How do people observe Narada Jayanti?

To observe Narada Jayanti, devotees take a bath by waking up early in the morning before sunrise. Then they wear clean and fresh clothes or clothes and get ready to offer prayers to Lord Vishnu as Narada himself was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Chandan, Tulsi leaves, KumKum and incense sticks, and flowers and sweets are offered to the deity. Devotees also observe a fast to please the Lord followed by reciting prayers and singing songs while performing Aarti.

What legends say

Devrishi Narada Muni was born on this day. He was a divine messenger of the gods and also a musician. He was the precursor of modern-day journalists. To the gods, he used to bring in information from all the Trilok, i.e. Akash, Patala, and Prithvi. He could travel to all the places in all of creation.  To maintain the balance of the Universe, his acts that stirred up a lot of chaos between the suras and asuras were important.

Narada Muni is often seen chanting the name Narayana, which is the other name of Lord Vishnu. When uttered by humans at the time of their death, it is believed to bring them salvation after their death.


The embodiment of truth, ‘Narayana’, on being chanted by Narada makes him the proclaimer of truth. Narada considers all the creations of Lord Vishnu equal and does not discriminate between them and provides everyone with the truth. To glorify the triumph of truth and purity over evil, Naraya Jayanti is celebrated.

Narada’s information has been timed in such a manner that it often created troubles in the paradise but however bitter or dicey the truth might have been it was always later realized that the truth helped to maintain the balance of the Universe.

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