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Papamochani Ekadashi 2022: Date, Significance, Vrat Katha & Vidhi

Papamochani Ekadashi
Papamochani Ekadashi is the last Ekadashi vrat among 24 eksdashis in the Hindu calendar. It falls between Holika Dahan and Chaitra Navratri.
Also calledPapmochani Ekadashi
TithiChaitra Ekadashi
DeityLord Vishnu
ObservancesFasting, Vrat, Puja, Prayers, and Donations
2022 DateMonday, 28 March

Papamochani Ekadashi is the last Ekadashi vrat among 24 eksdashis in the Hindu calendar. It falls on the Ekadashi tithi of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Chaitra as per the North Indian calendar. As per the South Indian calendar, this Ekadashi is observed in Phalguna month. The word ‘papa’ means sins and ‘mochan’ signifies redemption. Hence Papamochani Ekadashi helps to give liberation from all the sins committed. It falls between Holika Dahan and Chaitra Navratri. On this day, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped by proper vrat vidhi. On the day of Papamochani Ekadashi, one should avoid condemning and lying. By observing this fast, one gets rid of many sins including bravery, gold theft, drinking, non-violence, and feticide.

Papamochani Ekadashi 2022 Date & Timing

Papmochani Ekadashi 2022 Date - Monday, 28 March
Tithi - Chaitra Krishna Paksha Ekadashi
Parana Time - 06:15 AM to 08:43 AM On Tuesday, 29 March

Ekadashi Tithi Starts - 06:04 PM on Sunday, 27 March 2022
Ekadashi Tithi Ends - 04:15 PM on Monday, 28 March 2022

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Papamochani Ekadashi

Papamochani Ekadashi Vrat Method (Vidhi)

The method of worship of Papamochani Ekadashi vrat which eliminates all sins is as follows:

  • Resolve the fast after bathing during sunrise on Ekadashi.
  • After this, worship Lord Vishnu with the Shodashopachara method, and after worshiping, Lord should perform Aarti by offering incense, lamp, sandalwood, fruits, etc.
  • On this day, beggars, needy persons, and Brahmins must make donations and food.
  • Awakening in the night on the day of Papamochani Ekadashi should be fast, and the fast should be opened on the next day after passing it on Dwadashi.
  • It is believed that by observing this fast, sins are eliminated and happiness and prosperity are attained.
  • Awakening of Ekadashi date also gives manifold merits.

Vrat Katha

According to religious belief, there was a very beautiful forest called Chaitratha in ancient times. In this forest, Chhayavan Rishi's son Medhavi Rishi used to do penance. In this forest, Devraj Indra Gandharva used to roam with girls, nymphs, and deities. The meritorious sage Shiva devotees and apsaras were followers of Shiv Drohi Kamadeva. Once upon a time, Cupid sent an apsara named Manju Ghosha to break the penance of a meritorious sage. He distracts the meritorious monks with his dance, anthem, and beauty. At the same time, Muni Medhavi was also fascinated by Manjugosha. After this, both of them spent many years together. One day when Manjugosha asked for permission to go, the meritorious sage realized his errand and penance were dissolved. After this, he became angry and cursed Manjugosha to be a vampire. After this, Apsara fell into the sage's feet and asked for a solution to get rid of the curse. After pleading with Manjugosha many times, the meritorious sage told him to take a fast for Papamochani Ekadashi and said that by observing this fast, your sins will be destroyed and you will regain your former form. Telling Apsara the path of salvation, the meritorious sage reached his father's Maharishi Chyavan. Hearing the curse, Chyavan Rishi said- "Son, you did not do well, you have also earned sin by doing so, so do you fast for Papamochani Ekadashi''. And the sage meritorious got freedom from sin.


Papamochani Ekadashi is highly favorable and one who fasts on this special day is free from his sins and leads a peaceful and happy life ahead. With the philosophy of Ekadashi, devotees get clarity of philosophy and thought, and at the same time, they get rid of all sorrows and mental troubles. The devotees also get immense wealth by following the Papamochani Ekadashi fast.

Papamochani Ekadashi Fasting Rule

The various rituals and celebrations of Papamochani Ekadashi begin on the day of Dashami which is one day before Ekadashi. All the devotees observe a strict fast and distance themselves from the intake of food and water. In the light of fasting, devotees can consume water and fruits. Devotees wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath in a nearby lake or river. After taking a bath, devotees worship Lord Vishnu where they offer sacred food (prasad), incense sticks, sandalwood paste, and flowers to the deity.

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