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Paush Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Katha

The fast of Paush Putrada Ekadashi is done to get children. The auspicious results of this Ekadashi have been considered helpful in making the fate and karma of the child perfect. Paush Putrada Ekadashi Vrat can be concluded only after listening to the fast story. The following is the story of Paush Putrada Ekadashi:

According to the story, the king of Bhadravati named Suketu Mana, and his queen Habiya were not happy and remained depressed as they had no boys. They were very worried about Shraddha rituals, who would perform Shraddha rituals after their death for the peace of their souls. In such desperation, the king left his kingdom and all the luxuries and went into dense forests. After suffering a lot of hardships and devoting for several days, on the day of Pausha Ekadashi, he reached the ashram of some saints living on the banks of Mansarovar. After knowing about the king, the sages suggested to him, that observing the Pausha Ekadashi fast is the attainment of a son. Following the advice of learned sages, Suketu Mana went back to the kingdom and observed Pausha Ekadashi fasting with his queen. Soon, they both received a son from the divine blessings and grace of Lord Vishnu.

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