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Phulera Dooj 2022: Date, Story, Celebration, and Significance

Phulera Dooj 2022 - Friday, 4 March
Tithi - Phalguna Shukla Paksha Dwitiya

Celebrated with great zeal and fervor, Phulera Dooj is considered an auspicious and supreme festival in almost all the regions of Northern India. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Phulera Dooj literally means flowers. On this auspicious day, it is believed that Lord Krishna played with flowers and partook in the Holi festival.

Phulera Dooj is celebrated on the second day or the Dwitiya Tithi in the month of Phalgun during Shukla paksha, as per the Hindu calendar. The day falls in the month of March or February, according to the Gregorian calendar. The festival Phulera Dooj takes place right after Vasant Panchami and before Holi.

The story behind the Phulera Dooj celebration

Lord Krishna and Radha never tied the knot. However, their love is widely celebrated in Hindu culture. On this day, the union of both Lord Krishna and Radha was celebrated by the ‘gopis’ and sprinkled flowers on them as a symbol of their acceptance. Phulera Dooj marks the onset of Holi.

Rituals and Celebrations

There are various rituals that are observed on this day. The statues of Lord Krishna are smeared with colors to welcome the festivities of Holi. Devotees worship Lord Krishna on this particular day. The idols in the temples and at home are decorated with flowers and colors.

The most important ritual, however, is playing Holi with flowers with Lord Krishna. The idol of the deity is kept in a decorated mandap and the mandap is adorned with flowers and lights. To symbolize Lord Krishna’s preparation to play Holi, a small piece of cloth is tied just around his waist. Only after the ritual of ‘Shayan Bhog’ is completed, the colored cloth is removed.

On this day, bhog is prepared by the devotees for the devotees which comprise Pohas and other special savories. The bhog is first offered to the god and then it is distributed as prasad among the devotees. ‘Samaj Mein Rasiya’ and ‘Sandhiya Aarti’ are the two primary rituals performed on this day. Devotees sing Bhajan in the honor of Lord Krishna and finally, the priest sprinkles gulal on everybody as a symbol of the upcoming festival of Holi.


The festival is regarded as one of the most auspicious days, according to the celestial and planetary predictions. The entire day is auspicious and there are no malefic effects or doshas. Therefore, it is considered as "Aboojh Muhurat".

The day is highly pious and devotees can perform any kind of auspicious acts right from marriage to purchasing of property or house warmings, etc. On the eve of Phulera Dooj, mostly in North India, marriages take place or people start their b businesses. Phulera Dooj is one of the most significant festivals of Northern India and is celebrated with great zeal. It is believed to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to one’s life on this day.

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