Ratha Saptami 2019

Ratha Saptami is a Hindu festival celebrated in the month of February as per Hindu Calendar. This noteworthy festivity is devoted to Lord Shiva and thus exalted by Hindu devotees every year. According to Hindu Panchang, Ratha Saptami is observed on the bright fortnight of moon, i.e. Shukla Paksha in Magha month. Therefore, this is famed with the name- Magha Saptami among Sun God’s worshippers. This is one of the distinguished Hindu holy observances which is famous as- the Birth day of Lord Surya and is better known to be- Surya Jayanti. It is also considered divine to revere Sun God deity sitting on His gold embellished chariot (ratha) steered by 7 white horses with a rope.

According to Ancient tale, on the important day of Ratha- Saptami, it is believed that- Lord Surya- Sun God enlightened the entire world. It is significant to take a sacred bath at the banks of the River- Ganga during Arunodaya (the time before sunrise) on this divine day to get rid of wrong doings and all types of afflictions as well as illness. While taking a holy dip, one should also chant Surya Mantra. Post to the bath; venerate Lord Surya by offering Arghyadan with a Kalash followed by other pious rituals.

In 2019, Tuesday, Ratha Saptami will fall on 12th February. On Ratha Saptami, a Snan Muhurta is the major ceremony that takes place on specific timing, The muhurat puja would be at 05:22 am to 07:06 am and the duration is 1 Hour 44 Minutes. Saptami Tithi will start by 15:20 and finish by 15:54 the other day.

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