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Famous Dishes of Baisakhi

There are dishes which are made for sure on the occasion of Baisakhi by Punjabi families. Let’s check these must ones.

Sarso Da Saag & Maaki Di Roti

This is a dish savoured by all. The very authentic aroma of Punjabi food is quite predominant in this. Know how to prepare:-

Punjabi Chole

Chole is one of the most eaten pulse among the Punjabi community. You must have heard of the very famous Chole chawal concept of the North. Know how to prepare the original Punjabi chole.

Aloo Poori

Well, this is a very festive dish famous in almost all parts of India. Punjabi’s too prepare aloo poori when it comes to many people getting together. Aloo poori is instead the major preparation in any Bhandara.

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi Pakora is a tangy, spicy curry which will refresh your taste buds at any occasion.

Sooji Halwa

It is a more prominent western India sweet dish which is prepared in almost every house during Baisakhi.

Sweet Punjabi Lassi

The cooling and refreshing drink that will fill you up to your heart’s content. Punjabi Lassi’s always have been the centre of attraction when it comes to North Indian dishes.

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