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Lohri Recipes: Delicious Dishes of Melodious Lohri

Recipes prepared during the celebration of Lohri is the show stoppers. The proper Punjabi flavors and rich Indian spices will make your taste buds swirl and desire for more. Here we have come with the most alluring dishes of Lohri.

Sarson ka Saag aur Makki ki Roti

The aromatic green saag coupled with makke ki roti and a dollop of butter or Makhan atop is just out of the blue. This simple combo is also the best-loved and one of the most celebrated Punjabi delicacies.

Saag: Saag or Sag is a leaf-based Indian curry usually enjoyed with Makki di Roti. IT is made using spinach, Mustard leaves, Rapini and lots of ginger and garlic. It does remind of the mustard fields and the fresh air.

Makki Ki Roti: This Indian style Corn Flour Bread called Makki ki Roti is hands down one of the most popular foods in Northern India especially Punjab during winter months. Makki ki Roti is traditionally eaten with Saag during Lohri.

Pindi Channe

Boiled chickpeas wrapped in masalas and cooked to perfection. Ready in a snap, this is a quick and easy treat to one and all.

Gur ki Roti

Jaggery attains great importance in Punjabi cooking, especially when it come s to festivities and celebrations. Take a bite of sweetened Indian bread infused with gur.

Murmura Ladoo

Festivities are never complete without those titbits and munchies. Satisfy those in-between hunger pangs while munching on these crispy ladoos.

Chiraunji Makhane ki Kheer

Makhana, chiraunji with generous doses of fruits and milk makes up for a sensational dessert. End your day on a sweet note with this classic.

Til ki Barfee

Just a handful of ingredients can promise a world of crunchy, sugary delight. Sesame seeds, ghee, khoya, and sugar are all that you need to create some delightful magic.

Til Ladoo

Another Popular sweet during Makar Sakranti and Lohri, Til Ladoos are made out of Sesame Seeds. This Nutritious sweet is great as a gift, good for sharing with the company and to ward off chills and cold during winter.  So, turn on your fireplace, make a cup of Chai Tea and enjoy these little treats.

Til ki Chikki 

Hassle-free chikkis coated with sesame seeds, loaded with crunchiness, full of delight.

Dry fruit chikki

Chikki is almost synonymous with the desi comfort food throughout north India. There's nothing quite like spending the chilly evenings with a cup of tea and bits of nutty chikki by your side. Made in a jiffy, this is an essential winter snack for one and all.

Gur ka Halwa

Thirty minutes, a handful of ingredients doused in unconditional love and generous doses of ghee, semolina, and jaggery - Marut Sikka's Gur ka halwa is a must-try.

Corn Palak Ki Tikki

Corn and spinach combined together with a blend of masalas to make tikkis that are fried to perfection.

Ganee Ki Kheer

It is a very famous sweet dish prepared from rice and sugarcane juice.

Atta Ladoo

It is a mixture of flour, ghee, sugar, and dry fruits. This is also a very famous sweet dish.

Gobi Da Achaar

This is a spicy pickle of Cauliflower which is available in abundance and everyone feels blue.


Calorie filled recipe for Wheat flour snack called Panjiri in Punjabi is a traditional food good for Pregnant ladies and lactating new moms. It is said that it helps labor and delivery and is good to eat during cold winter months as well. Panjiri is also called Dabra or sudola in regional dialects.

Meethe Chawal

This is flavourful sweet rice called Meethe Chawal. This is a popular Punjabi rice dish and you can add dollops of Ghee on it to make it even tastier.

Gajar Da Halwa

Who doesn’t love delicious Carrot Pudding called Gajar Da Halwa.

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