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Regional Celebrations of Lohri

LOHRI is not just a Hindu traditional festival but for sure acts as a medium to build strong family bonding. This is a celebration in which all the family members and friends come together and get involved in entertainment. The traditional ways of entertainment somewhere deep in the system create love and affection. Lohri seems to be one of the most enjoyable festivals in certain states. The tradition and culture followed in these states are amazing and are a must-watch. Let’s see how each of these Lohri fans takes the fest forward.


After Bandi Chor Diwas and Guru Nanak Jayanti, the next festival Amritsari look forward to is Lohri. The localities are in full energy during this period and they make sure to throw the biggest party of the year.  Although it is related with the harvest season and gathering of grains, in Punjab it is celebrated as a matrimonial fete of the newly married couple to strengthen the marital bondage as well.


Jalandhar is one of the most ancient cities of Punjab and has grown rapidly in the past few years. This city has not let go of its rich heritage and so Lohri does seem to be the brightest among all. If you want to see how Lohri was celebrated back in the day, without all the bells and whistles, Jalandhar is the place to be at. Here people spend lavishly in gifting each other as well.


When you think rural Punjab, the first place that pops up in your mind is Bathinda. The city is quite large to be considered as a village, but the people of the city haven’t yet forgotten their grassroots, which is why you still get the feeling that you’re in a traditional Punjab village like the ones shown in movies. People of Bathinda are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, and the city lights up like a newlywed bride during Lohri.


Ludhiana brings in different colors to the celebration of Lohri. Better the harvest, bigger are the celebrations. You would see colorful kites flying in the sky and making it look decorated. Dance troupes choreograph their dance routine months in advance with professional artistes putting up some outstanding Bhangra and Gidda performances. People offer prayers around the bonfire and pray to the Sun. Extremely unique delicacies are savored with family and friends. You would probably feel the dawn of the new and happy year coming ahead.


Chandigarh is yet another place full of the Punjabi population. You will for sure enjoy the authentic Punjabi music alongside the huge bonfires and energetic happy set of people. Chandigarh displays the most happening and enjoyable art of the Punjabis. There are places in this city where Lohri parties are also arranged on a large scale.


Delhi being the capital city of India for sure observes Lohri on a large scale. The teensy fact that it is a city doesn’t stop Delhi from celebrating Lohri, which is a harvest festival. Several communities come together and celebrate the festival together. Housing societies organize dance shows and competitions and it is yet another occasion when Delhites dress up to the nines. Many functions, exhibitions, and parties are arranged on the eve of Lohri which witnesses lakhs of people. You can say that Lohri in Delhi is celebrated in modern ways!

Basically, Punjabis are known as the most energetic and happy go lucky population of India. Nd so does their festival depict. Wherever they go, they make sure to bring in a lot of joy and color. Not only these states in India celebrate the festival of Lohri but many places abroad also do participate in this fun-loving fest.

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